Flappy Bat Ultimate Cave

Flappy game with a twist. Flappy can no longer see unless its wings are flapping. Try and see how far you can navigate with partial vision!

Available on:

Andoird Flappy Bat
Dizzy Dude

Dizzy has gotten himself into trouble. Swipe left or right to try and keep Dizzy walking straight and out of the lava below.

Available on:

Andoird Dizzy Dude
Manic Math

Try your hand at any combination of +, -, *, > operations with 5, 3, or 1 second to determine if the given answer is correct or not.

Available on:

Andoird 1+1

Make It Numbers

Try to make a given number with four random numbers and +,-,*,/ operations. Sounds easy until you can only use each operation once! Some are obvious, some take some thinking but every one has a solution.

Available on:

Andoird Make It Numbers